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leadershipbigClick Here to See the Prepare for Change Communications Tools and Techniques Page where all the useful tools and techniques are gathered for PFC members.

This page is dedicated to information related to the Leadership Group on this site and on some related sites listed just below.

This USB Flash 2.0 64GB Waterproof Metal Pendrive Key Ring was available on Amazon for $12.67

This  is a special site designed to be seen by middle managers when the Event is in process. It has a downloadable version of the Community Leaders Brief in thirty-three languages and there are thirty-three translated websites to host the related information as well.

This USB Flash 2.0 64GB Waterproof Metal Pendrive Key Ring was available on Amazon for $12.67
This USB Flash 2.0 64GB Waterproof Metal Pendrive Key Ring was available on Amazon for $12.67
Note: At the time of the Event the Internet may be down, so saving as much important information as you can in a personal memory device is a good idea.  The inexpensive flash drive on the left is available for around ten dollars and has capacity to store websites, documents and videos sufficient to answer the majority of questions.With this volume of information you can quickly share it with media and others who want to know the details about the Event. 

Website Information describes the pages and posts on prepareforchangedev.net related the Leadership Group.

  • Sign-up for the Leadership Newsletter  This form enrolls you in the Leadership notifications email list which is used for the group’s newsletter and other needed communications. A Global Volunteer will read it if you have questions or comments to which you would like a response.
  • Training to Advise Leadership suggestions for those who feel called upon to take up this work and distribute this information to the leadership of the world’s life-supporting infrastructure.
  • Contacting Leadership to Advise  Realistically speaking, your mission for contacting world leaders has already begun. Practice for the Event everyday; and contact anyone and every one who has ears to hear and eyes to see. Let your heart be invested in this practice and learn what words, what information, you share does not shut people down. Try to bring the information through clearly and concisely as possible. Do not get discouraged that you are not up to the task.

  • Advising Leadership about the Background of the Event This section has three parts, the first explains the suppressed history that has been treated as myth and fantasy, the second part explains about the Event which includes actions of the positive forces on our planet as well as the frequency shift that will accompany these actions. The third part goes into detail about what we can expect after the Event. It is the longest of the four sections, and it is a lot of information.

  • Protocols for Advising Leadership For those of you who choose to participate and are called to action to aid this group’s mission, we have protocols for you to study and directives you should abide by in approaching your local governance at the time of the Event. Above all remain peaceful and kind in your demeanor when trying to share your knowledge.

  • Leadership in the Age of Oneness   Moving on from the Prepare for Change Leadership model which spells out loud and clearly that we want LEADERS not followers we should start, right now, crossing to the other side of “The Wall”, the invisible line, the change in perspective which means to be “on the other side”.  Imagining it will be not only a good training but also a nice way to speed up the Compression Breakthrough process.

Discussion List for the Technology Group

  • leadershipbigPFC Leadership Work Discussion List This list is for everyone to join and learn about the Leadership Group and its task when the Event arrives. Everyone with an interest in communicating with leadership at the time of the Event should join this list.

Address your emails to: pfc-leadership-work@googlegroups.com

Go to the Google Groups site to read the forum threads.  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pfc-leadership-work  Remember you need to signed up for the list to access it!